dimarts, 27 de febrer de 2018

DAY 7 - ST. Art Rights

The last activity day has come. Early in the morning and with a lot of enthousiasm the participants collect their prepared materials and walk towards their stand in the streets of Sant Just Desvern. The decorating and materials are all set in a minimum of time because of the great teamwork. We're ready to go! The fair is starting and the youngsters present their ideas and things they learned during the exchange with the local people. After a succesfull fair it's back to Casal where the last evaluation of the exchange is done and feelings are shared about this experience. The last night also means, a farewell party! We're all heading back to the hostel to enjoy the last night together and make a lot of fun! 

DAY 6 - ST. Art Rights

The penultimate day has come. Day six and this day is all about the preparation for the exposition the day after at 'Sant Just al carrer' a festivity that takes place in Sant Just Desvern. Before noon the youngsters gather in the hostel to help clean the environment of the hostel. Afterwards we head back to Casal to brainstorm together for 'St. Art Rights al carrer' the day after. The youngsters get their heads together and figure out what they want to show on the exposition to the people of Sant Just Desvern. Subjects are choosen, groups are made and the concrete material is prepared for tomorrow! After the preparation the youngsters gather again for another cultural night! This time: Spain and Norway! 

DAY 5 - ST. Art Rights

The next day everyone is excited to start a new day with a lot of music and theatre! We're heading again to Casal de Joves where the youngsters learn how music can be used as a medium to connect and make life better in refugee camps. After the presentation it's time for the youngsters to gather in groups and work out their own music project for refugees! In the afternoon the youngsters get submerged in the techniques of theatre. Where they learn how to use their body with the focus on emotions. After a day full of active workshops it's time for a cultural night, where Slovenia and Greece get the opportunity to present their culture and cultural traditions to the other countries/participants. Cultural differences get exchanged and even people get on the dancefloor to become fully submerged in the different cultures! 

DAY 4 - ST. Art Rights

A new day, a lot of new activities! After breakfast we're heading to a dance school in Sant Just Desvern to loosen up the body and become aware about the importance of movements and support on eachother. After a very intense danceworkshop it's back to Casal de Joves for a bodypainting workshop focused on making connections between people. The youngsters get the chance to make a bodypainting that connects their bodies with in mind the human rights and refugees. Ideas are exchanged and connections are made during this workshop. 

DAY 3 -ST. Art Rights

For the third day of the exchange we head to Barcelona City for 'Humans of Barcelona'. The youngsters interview people of Barcelona about the situation of refugees, about their opinions and views of this situation. After 'Humans of Barcelona' we head to Fotomovimiento, and organisation that makes social photography of refugees to make people aware of the difficulties they have. The youngsters get a deep insight in the objectives of Fotomovimiento and get to share their own opinions and ideas. After this inspiring day the youngsters gather in the hostel to relax a bit.

DAY 2 - ST. Art Rights

The first morning. The youngsters gather in the breakfast room for the first day of activities around the subject human rights and refugees. After breakfast we go direction Casal de Joves, where the youngsters are excited to get to know eachother better and start this exchange. Expectations are set and first boundings are made. The beginning of the Youth Exchange is set! In the afternoon the youngsters get to know the Youthpass and present theirselfs through a collage, this all to become closer to eachother and the learning process.

Day 1 ST. Art Rights 

Todayn is the first day of the Youth Exchange ST. Art Rights! The participants are arriving and get to know eachother and the accomodation where they will stay for the following 7 days. The youngsters gather in the hostel and learn to get to know eachother during the first night of the exchange. EXCITING! Let this exchange begin!